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FISU Meditation LGBTQ+ Foundation Course via
an Online Global Cohort

Our Foundation course in Meditation is lead by experienced instructors. There are 10 Live Sessions plus 45+ self-paced lessons. 
Our LGBTQ+ Community instructors are waiting to guide and serve you. In FISU, everyone is equal, and we focus on each person or community's needs across our diversity. 
If you have any questions, please get in touch


  • 11 Instructor Led Sessions by LGBTQ+ Community Teacher
  • 45+ Self Paced Learning  Sessions
  • Listen, Read, Watch, Practise
  • Online Academy - Easy to manoeuvre
  • Mobile App Coming in Q2-2021
  • 24/7 Support

You are in good hands

Our highly qualified  instructors will guide you through the course.  You have 24/7 support.

Your spiritual health

Our system strengthens your spiritual health which in turn keeps your mental and physical health in balance


  • Self-Acceptance - loving yourself can only come through acceptance
  • Coming Out – Gain strength to make it a celebration of your identity
  • Acceptance - accepting yourself, steering away from guilt and shame
  • Self-Respect – Learn not to compromise yourself because of insecurity
  • Accepting those who are homophobic/transphobic and how to deal with negative people and their opinions
  • Increase Self-Esteem & Confidence – Front prejudice and homophobia 
  • Discrimination – Make better choices for you and your life
  • Accelerate Cognition – Improve working memory function 
  • Cultivate Compassion & Forgiveness
  • Sharpen Concentration & Attention Span
  • Overcome Depression – Meditation is more than effective than medication 
  • Change Brain Structure in 8 Weeks
  • Overcome Obsessive body-image 
  • Meditate to Create & Multitask
  • Convert Mind Chatter into Intuition
  • Reduce Mental & Physical Pain - Meditation reduces pain sensitivity
  • Natural self healing - never have another stress headache
  • Enjoy enriching deep sleep
  • Love – Self Love & Love of others
  • Sexuality – Celebrate Sex as an offering and not a need
  • Intimacy & Sex - how to attract real love into your life, breaking down walls of your perceived self
  • Drugs & Alcohol - how to avoid addictions, using this as a way of escapism for loneliness or disownment
  • Scene Influences - easier to steer away from “scene” influences
  •  How to avoid addictions, promiscuity and dependencies 


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What our learners say...

My life has improved in so many aspects since I started FISU meditation and now find it difficult to imagine my life without it. Right from the start of the course, the first thing that helped me was to start loving myself and fully accept myself. Most times, we don't want to face ourselves, and we keep pretending that everything is alright, but the days continue with unresolved issues and negative feelings. Meditation helped me see that I was not comfortable with my gay self and was scared to admit and accept it. Understanding and love started to unfold within me, and I was able to accept that I born to be gay and was worthy of love because I could now recognise the love within me.
FISU meditation helped me in respect of my gay life in finding more acceptance of who I am and gave me more confidence in dealing with difficult situations such as homophobic people and more conservative work environments. It helped me be more at ease and in peace in general, not needing to "fight" or "shout" so much about my rights but rather intuitively avoiding or diffusing negative situations. It has helped me be more happy and content in life and less influenced by negative trends in the gay "scene" such as drugs and gossip. In my love life, it helped me with being at ease to express myself with my partner on an equal basis with straight couples.
As a woman of the LGBTQ+ community, I have had to come face to face with myself and learn to accept the person I am today.
From confronting my authentic self and truly accepting who I am, I have always had meditation to help ground me when I have felt overwhelmed and help express who I am to those less able to understand.
Being able to truly love myself for the woman I am - regardless of my identity, or sexual orientation has been one of my biggest challenges in life. Through committed meditation practise, I have overcome struggles which led me to accept and love myself because of the individually prescribed techniques, and the love and guidance from FISU.
FISU is not only a place for those who want to find their spiritual path, but it is for all who have faced challenges within themselves and the world around them.
It is an equal, open and accepting community that has enabled me to keep going even at my most challenging moments and work through personal relationships that have meant so much.
Being members of the LGBTQ+ community, we often have to struggle with being accepted.
Through dedication to practice regular meditation and spiritual practices as taught by FISU, I learned to accept myself and the things I cannot change in others. Through unfolding, you get in touch with yourself, and the world's opinions are of less importance. FISU is a family, where each individual is accepted as they are; background, religion, colour, sexuality are insignificant; we are all equal - everyday people on their path to discover themselves and their connection to others. It is a spiritual trip worth taking; you will ultimately discover that your nothing but alone in this world and that the path of enlightenment is paved with love and acceptance.