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Free "How to Overcome Depression with Meditation" Masterclass , Sunday, 6th June 2021  - 4 PM(BST GMT+1 EDT 11 AM PDT 8AM) Duration: 2 Hours  English Only (No translation)

(See the repeat of this session again live in English but with translation to Spanish and Greek on Sun, 18 July 2021 - 4 PM BST)

Join our FREE “Overcome Depression through Meditation” Masterclass  at 4 PM (British Summer Time : GMT+1) (EDT 11 AM, PDT 8AM). You join the Masterclass through our Academy (Zoom is required) by enrolling below.

Depression can be debilitating, frustrating, humiliating and alienating but stop berating yourself – we have a solution.

The path to overcoming depression is much easier when you have the right tools, advice and support. This Masterclass dives deep into the cause and solutions for depression, using meditation as the primary tool.
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Topics Covered

  • Is depression a sustained depressed mood?
  • Is depression caused by our ego?
  • Is depression genetic? 
  • Is depression socially transmissible?
  • Can I be free from sadness?
  • Can I have a neutral mood state and be happy?
  • What is a good relationship? 
  • Can I stop ruminating as this induces negative thinking?
  • Can I change my overactive thoughts to passive ones?
  • How do I enact objectivity and self-awareness to know and understand my thoughts?
  • How does meditation reduce or eliminate depression?
  • Does the process of Spiritual unfoldment cleanse our thoughts?
  • Where does resilience come from?
  • Can meditation enable me  to sleep better?

Patrick Jones - Course author